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Online Arts Workshops

August 1 - 14, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Silver Kite Community Arts is offering online arts workshops, talks, social hours, and performances for the community.

We hope that by offering these opportunities, we are providing stimulating creative engagement opportunities and social connection during this challenging time.

Access to these workshops is FREE for residents of the City of Seattle!

This project is supported by Arts in Parks, a partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

PLEASE NOTE:  Workshop registration closes one hour before the workshop begins.

Here's what we have available for you:

Live, interactive arts workshops in visual artsstorytelling / writing, movement / dance, and theatre.  We also offer fun and interactive social hours

Questions?  Technical issues?  Get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a class?

1.  Click on the link to the Google Form. 

2.  A new page will pop up with a form for you to fill out.  It will ask for your email address and which workshop(s) you're interested in attending.

3.  After you complete the form press submit.

4.  You will receive an email from Silver Kite Administration indicating that you have registered for the workshop.  This email will also include information about how to access the workshop.  You will receive a separate email for each workshop you've chosen to take. Please check your spam or junk folders to make sure you have received it.  If you don't receive it, please let us know.

5.  You will receive two reminder emails - one a day before the workshop and one an hour before the workshop.  

After I have registered for the online experience how do I access the class?

An email will be sent to you after you register for the class and reminder email will be sent to you again a day before the class.  In each of these emails is a link that says "Click Here to Join."  At the time of your class, click that link and you're in! 

We have found using Chrome as your internet browser works much better than Safari to access our classes.

If the link is not working, open Chrome and type in "" a screen will pop up which asks you to enter a meeting ID.  The meeting ID is a 9 digit number that is included in your registration email. 


If you're having problems accessing your program, please let us know by getting in touch with Payton by calling (508) 812-0431 or by email:

You can also join a class by phone.  Instructions on how to call in can be found on your registration confirmation email.

Do I need a microphone or video camera to participate?

No.  You can just listen if you like.  If you have questions during the class you can ask them by typing questions on the screen or by sending us an email.  You can also join us with your camera and / or microphone if you like.

Do I need a Zoom account to access these classes?

No!  You do not need a Zoom account to participate in these classes.  Join us!


Visual Arts Workshops 

Beginning Drawing (Still Life):

During this hands on workshop, you'll learn some basic drawing techniques in shading, line, and perspective as you draw a still life.

What you'll need:




Saturday, August 1:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT

Beginning Watercolors: 

During this workshop, we'll explore basic watercolor techniques by exploring color and

color mixing, creating a collaborative painting, and creating a spring-themed original painting of

your own.


What you'll need:



Cup of water


Sharpie or thick marker

Paper (watercolor paper is ideal but not necessary)

Saturday, August 8:  1:30 - 2:30 pm PDT


Dance / Movement Workshop

Jump for Joy:  Rhythms from around the world:  

Dance along with us!


Learn village dances and rhythms from around the world during this interactive workshop!


We'll begin by exploring what we’re doing: honoring, not replicating, the gifts of many cultures. Folk dances change as they pass from person to person, and no one dance could ever represent an entire culture.


The workshop will be facilitated so participants can either be seated or standing during the experience.


Supplies needed:

Your favorite chair

Rhythm sticks (wooden spoons work just fine)

Maracas (a paper bag - sealed well! - with rice or beans works just fine)

Monday, August 3:  1:30 - 2:30 pm PDT


Social Hour



Social Hours

Join us for a lively conversation designed around a theme.  You'll have an opportunity to share stories, display your talents, and maybe make a new friend.

Open to people of all ages!

Wednesday, August 5:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT


Storytelling / Writing Workshops


Memoir Writing:

During this interactive creative non-fiction writing workshop, we'll engage in memoir writing exercises together, and learn some basic strategies on how to tackle writing your own memories to share with friends and family.


What you'll need:

Paper or pen

3 - 4 pieces of paper

Friday, August 7:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT


During this workshop we'll explore how to generate, structure, and write personal life stories to share with family and friends. Join us!

Facilitated by Bobbi Kidder

What you'll need:

Paper to write on
Pen or pencil

Wednesday, August 12:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT

Poetry Writing:

During this webinar we'll engage in writing exercises focused on helping you craft poems reflective of your life experiences and moments. Join us!

Facilitated by Aviona Rodriguez-Brown

What you'll need:
Pen or pencil

Friday, August 14:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT


Theatre Workshop

Act Up!  Introduction to Improvisational Theatre:

During this interactive improvisational theatre workshop, we'll engage in a variety of fun drama activities, learn how to say "yes, and!," and develop skills to create and share ideas at the drop of a hat!

Facilitated by Bobbi Kidder

Supplies needed:

Your favorite chair!

Wednesday, August 12:  10:30 - 11:30 am PDT



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