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Bring a SilverKite class to your community! From October 24 - December 22, choose any of the following one-hour classes to be taught in-person at your community by a SilverKite teaching artist. These classes are for communities (i.e. community centers, senior living communities, skilled nursing communities, etc.) to book a teaching artist to come teach a class at their space. If you are an individual looking to attend a class, please visit our online workshops page here.


Things to note:

  • Supplies for all classes are provided by SilverKite.

  • Class capacity is 20 people.

  • Classes are for communities in King, North Pierce, and South Snohomish counties.

  • Please book classes at least a week in advance. Please note teaching artists have 48 hours to confirm the class with you.

  • Classes begin at $300 and may have an additional travel stipend depending on how far your community is from the SilverKite office.

  • If you are outside of our service area and are still interested in a class, please contact our Arts Programs Manager Mollia Jensen at

  • Any general questions about our in-person programming can be directed to Mollia as well. 



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Step 1: Review our class offerings & teaching artists

Step 2: Pick a date and time 

Step 3: Fill out booking information

Step 4: The teaching artist that you booked will confirm the class with you within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation via email, please reach out to

Class Descriptions

Seasonal Watercolor

In this workshop the facilitator will lead the group in a watercolor journey inspired by the natural world. We will explore the color, textures, and unique aspects of the season. We will use a variety of simple and satisfying techniques with watercolors.



In this class we’ll collect, cut, tear and glue scraps and small treasures to create beautiful pieces of art. We’ll explore different techniques and have fun along the way!



During this workshop we'll engage in brainstorming and writing exercises focused on helping you craft poems reflective of your life experiences and moments. Along the way, we'll look at several mentor texts (examples of poems written by established poets) to help guide you and spur your imagination!


Mindfulness and Gratitude

In this workshop, a SilverKite facilitator will invite participants to explore mindfulness and gratitude focusing on the practice of awareness through journaling, affirmations, tuning into the senses, exploring exercises and sharing stories. The workshop may include art, movement, writing and sharing one’s own ways of being with gratitude and mindfulness.

Storytelling through Hula

Hula is a visual dance form of storytelling from Polynesia, which was developed in Hawai’i and has more recently become a popular form of exercise. Together we will walk through some basic hula steps and use our bodies to develop a hula “vocabulary”. At the end of class, you will have a story to tell, using these beautiful movements!

Teaching Artists

Pearl Klein has been writing poetry since she was nine years old and she's never stopped playing with words. For her, words, language and formal containers are the sensual starting point for poetry; image and narrative thread almost always follow sound and shape. Pearl holds a hard-earned MFA in Poetry Writing from the University of Washington.

Pearl is offering Poetry

Cooper Perry As a teaching artist, I will prioritize the artmaking process over the product as I believe that the value of artmaking comes from the experience of creation. I like to encourage participants to lean into what feels exciting and right for them, even if it strays slightly from the workshop plan as I want everyone to leave feeling fulfilled and encouraged. Artmaking can be meditative and social and I like to lean into both of those qualities to ensure that workshops are satisfying on an individual level and in community engagement.

Cooper is offering Seasonal Watercolor

Meredith Berlin has been facilitating multi-arts workshops, performance projects and community events in the Seattle area for over 30 years. She finds great joy in collaborating with students and fellow artists, and her approach is exploratory and playful. In addition to training and professional experience in the arts, she has training in trauma informed practices and received her BA in literature from Yale College.

Meredith is offering Poetry, Mindfulness & Gratitude, and Collage

Claire Kiersky is a Teaching Artist as well as the Community Relations Manager for SilverKite. She has been working with SilverKite for over 8 years, and has extensive experience with intergenerational work. As a Theatre Performance major, Claire takes a movement approach to Mindfulness and Gratitude - aligning the body with the mind through yoga-inspired poses, breathing techniques, and more. Additionally Claire has experience with visual art from assisting workshops in her past position as SilverKite's Art Coordinator, and from her experience as a camp counselor. She loves to create fun and vibrant collage art, and looks forward to sharing her ideas with you!

Claire is offering Mindfulness & Gratitude Collage

Tammy Leaver My whole life has been dedicated to art. Growing up, my parents and I spent much of our free time creating; whether it was my dad teaching me to draw, cut glass, or woodwork; or my mom teaching me to sew, paint or craft. Through the years, I’ve developed my own love and sense of fulfillment of art through many mediums.

Tammy is offering Seasonal Watercolor

Rachel Rene has been involved in the Seattle theatre scene for over 30 years. With a BA in theatre arts from Western Washington University, she has tried her hand at all aspects of the theatre – from performing to stage managing to directing, among others. Above all, she enjoys sharing her passion for theatre, music, and dance with others, and she is immensely grateful for the opportunity to share the beautiful art form of hula dance with you.

Rachel is offering Storytelling through Hula

Book a Class

IMPORTANT - Please read the following before booking a workshop:


CONFIRMATION: When you book a workshop, the teaching artist will receive a notification via email. The teaching artist will reach out to you within 48 hours of the booking date & time to confirm the workshop, or let you know if there any reason they are not able to teach the workshop. If you do not hear from the teaching artist within 48 hours, please email to check in.


PRICING & PAYMENT: Please note that pricing for workshops starts at $300 and may have an additional travel stipend depending on how far from the SilverKite office your community is located. SilverKite is located at 5508 35th Ave NE, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98105 in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. After you have booked & confirmed the workshop, SilverKite will send you an invoice for payment. For inquiries regarding special rates & discounts, please contact Mollia Jensen at

These classes are for communities (i.e. community centers, senior living communities, skilled nursing communities, etc.) to book a teaching artist to come teach a class at their space. If you are an individual looking to attend a class, please visit our online workshops page here.