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Book a SilverKite Class

Bring a SilverKite class to your community!

These classes are for communities (i.e. community centers, senior living communities, skilled nursing communities, etc.) to book a teaching artist to come teach a class at their space. If you are an individual looking to attend a class, please visit our online workshops page here.


Things to note:

  • Supplies for all classes are provided by SilverKite.

  • Class capacity is 20 people.

  • Classes are for communities in King, North Pierce, and South Snohomish counties.

  • Please book classes at least a week in advance. Please note teaching artists have 48 hours to confirm the class with you.

  • Classes begin at $350 and may have an additional travel stipend depending on how far your community is from the SilverKite office.

  • If you are outside of our service area and are still interested in a class, please contact our Arts Programs Manager Mollia Jensen at

  • Any general questions about our in-person programming can be directed to Mollia as well. 



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Step 1: Review our class offerings & teaching artists

Step 2: Pick a date and time 

Step 3: Fill out booking information

Step 4: The teaching artist that you booked will confirm the class with you within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation via email, please reach out to

Class Descriptions

Basic Ballet for Adult Bodies
Dance is a great way to center the body and work your balance, strength, flexibility, and posture. It doesn't take a "dancer's body" to learn these moves. Anyone can learn these basics and use them in everyday life. Join us for this slow-paced, relaxed, beginning dance class.

What You’ll Need:
• Wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement.
• Wear socks or ballet shoes, if available.
• Have water and a towel nearby.


Visual Journaling
Visual Journaling is an opportunity to combine creative expression with one's unique everyday needs and desires. This workshop is great for those who are looking for a new and inspiring way to visualize one's thoughts, emotions, schedule, and to-do lists in a fun organized manner.


Landscape Watercolor
In this workshop we will paint images that reflect natural scenes and human made objects. Landscape Watercolor allows for this combination to be done via realism (as things appear to exist in life), surrealism (with elements of surprise or distortion), or abstraction (not representing external reality).


Playwriting: Creating a Monologue
We’ll investigate the elements of an exciting monologue including character, objective and point of view. Through writing exercises, you’ll generate a variety of words and ideas which you can use to create a focused moment onstage.  There will be time for optional sharing.


Mindful Magic Markers
Magic Markers provide a space for adults to let go of the prescribed expectations of what constitutes art and allow themselves to play while creating fun and inspiring pieces of art. We will explore techniques that help us rediscover the joy of working with the vibrant colors of magic markers.

Teaching Artists

Claire KierskyPlaywrighting: Creating a Monologue & Visual Journaling

Pearl KleinPlaywrighting: Creating a Monologue

Meredith Berlin Playwrighting: Creating a Monologue, Mindful Magic Markers, & Visual Journaling

Jenn Fortnash Landscape Watercolor & Visual Journaling

For more information on our teaching artists, please visit the "Our Team" webpage.

Book a Class 

Please read the following before booking a workshop


CONFIRMATION: When you book a workshop, the teaching artist will receive a notification via email. The teaching artist will reach out to you within 48 hours of the booking date & time to confirm the workshop, or let you know if there any reason they are not able to teach the workshop. If you do not hear from the teaching artist within 48 hours, please email to check in.


PRICING & PAYMENT: Please note that pricing for workshops starts at $350 and may have an additional travel stipend depending on how far from the SilverKite office your community is located. SilverKite is located at 5508 35th Ave NE, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98105 in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. After you have booked & confirmed the workshop, SilverKite will send you an invoice for payment. For inquiries regarding special rates & discounts, please contact Mollia Jensen at

Class Descriptions
Teaching Artists
Book a Workshop
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