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Community Memberships

Interested in Offering SilverKite's programs to your patrons or residents? Join our Community Membership program!

With a Community Membership you will:

  • Have access to SilverKite's scheduled classes and/or have the opportunity to schedule your own private SilverKite class.

  • Have your own individual page on the SilverKite website where patrons or residents can view class descriptions and registration links

  • Have access to recordings of your chosen workshops available for patrons or residents to view 2-3 days after the workshop occurs

Community Class Offerings

Share the experience of SilverKite's arts programming with your whole community or organization

  • These workshops are Intergenerational and available to all ages and skill levels.

  • Each workshop is connected to multiple libraries, organizations, and communities - meaning that there will be many opportunities to make more virtual connections!

  • SilverKite handles registration, taking the work out of your hands, and there is no participation limit.

  • How many workshops you offer is up to you, chosen from our list of scheduled workshops.

  • SilverKite sends out monthly invoices. 

Private Class Offerings

Provide your community or organization with exclusive arts programming

  • These workshops are scheduled at a convenient time for your community or patrons.

  • You can choose from a list of current offerings or request a class you think your community will be interested in.

  • Customized to your group and only available to your group

  • Workshops are available through our Zoom, your Zoom, or your own alternative virtual platform. 

  • SilverKite sends out monthly invoices.

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