Intergenerational Programs

Bringing people together is what we do.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Silver Kite Community Arts has suspended its in person programming until at least January 2021.  Please visit our Online Classes page to learn more about the virtual programs we are offering at this time to help keep our community connected.
Silver Kite designs, facilitates, and supports intergenerational programs which foster the mutual exchange of ideas between youth and older adults. We believe each participant in our programs brings a unique and valuable perspective, and we aim to honor, respect, and give voice to all participants' experiences.
We believe building intergenerational relationships starts with finding something in common.  This is why we use life stories as a foundational piece in our programs.  By using reminiscence techniques and creative play, participants in our programs discover connections they share with another generation, use those connective stories as a source for collaborative art-making and discussions, and develop empathy and new understandings of themselves and the world around them.


Silver Kite Community Arts designs site specific intergenerational experiences for your community. 
Let us help you connect your community to others through our award winning intergenerational programs.  Contact us to get the conversation started.
Below are some examples of intergenerational programs we have offered in the past.  Often these are a great place to begin exploring ways an intergenerational program might fit in to your community.
Writing Life Stories

Our "Writing Life Stories" Program is designed for students in grades 5 - 10.  During the program, student participants learn interviewing and communication skills, and work in small groups to interview adults living at a local senior living community or community center.  After the interviews, the students engage in writing projects based on their interviews.  Students create memory boxes in honor of the person they interviewed and present them (with the writings they have created) at a ceremony at the end of the project.  The students and older adults interact twice during this project.

After School Intergenerational Arts Classes

Offered to students in grades 3-6, this program is offered as an after school program for an hour a week for 4 - 6 weeks.  During the class, the group works together to create collaborative art work - stories, graphic narratives, plays, murals, dance, or poetry - based on the participants's interests and life experiences. 

Intergenerational Arts Workshops

Intergenerational Arts Workshops are inspiring 60 - 90 minute arts experiences designed to connect families, members of community organizations, faith communities, or library patrons through creative play and fun! Our popular Intergenerational Workshops include: Visual Journaling, Circle Dance, Puppet Making, Mask Making, Collage, Sidewalk Chalk Murals, Memory Box, Improvisational Theatre and more!  Click here for our workshop descriptions and more information.

​​Intergenerational Discussion & Project Groups

Our Intergenerational Discussion Groups are one time or ongoing weekly sessions designed to foster relationships, communication, and community development.  Each week participants meet and engage in discussions around a particular topic.  After several meetings, the group determines a need in the community and designs and implements a project to meet this community need.

​Intergenerational Theatre Company

Silver Kite's Intergenerational Theatre Company models intergenerational communication, collaboration, and connections through our unique hour long storytelling, music, and drama performances.  Our Intergenerational Theatre Company is available for a special event, a kick-off to another one of Silver Kite's Intergenerational Programs, as a spark for audience discussions and reminiscence, or as a model to help communities develop their own intergenerational theatre productions. Learn more.


“This project has allowed me to understand how important the stories of the older generations are...and it has showed me how two people can be total strangers and just moments later can have a deep, long, meaningful conversation about each other's fascinating lives. ”

— Caroline, Curriculum-based 9th grade project participant

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