• Payton Harrison-Gonzalez

Intergenerational Pumpkin Decorating Workshop

During the 2018 - 2019 school year, Silver Kite is facilitating monthly intergenerational workshops with students from Eastside Catholic School and residents from Aegis at Marymoor senior living community. October's workshop focused on pumpkin decorating.

The session began with participants sharing their names and then working in small intergenerational groups to sketching out designs for the pumpkins.

The participants worked with their table mates to create one or two pumpkins per table.

At one table, a resident had a lot of ideas that she wanted to express, and verbalized her thoughts and ideas to a student from Eastside Catholic. The student helped the resident make her vision into a reality by using pipe cleaners to create spiders and stickers to help achieve the expression she wanted the pumpkin to have.

Another student worked in conjunction with her senior partner to create a pumpkin that incorporated both of their ideas to create a unique design that had a face on both the front and the back of the pumpkin.

Before the end of the workshop, we went around the room and had everyone share the name of their pumpkin and tell the group a little bit about it. Everyone came up with such creative stories about who their pumpkin was and their background. One pumpkin was a mouse. Another had two faces with different names and personalities that could come out at any time. Overall, the workshop was a great success. As we walked around the room we could see the participants laughing and telling stories about their lives and experiences as they worked together. Students found ways to connect with their partners and form relationships that will certainly extend to our next workshop in the community.

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