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Performances & Presentations

Bring a SilverKite performing artist to your community! We offer many different experiences including theatre, visual arts, storytelling, poetry, music and meaning, and more. Scroll to view our available artists and learn more about their sessions.

One hour long performance or presentation costs $400.


Please contact SilverKite via email for booking & scheduling:

Our Offerings


Portraits of Goodbye

by Jill Meyers

Explore the themes of goodbye through a performance piece followed by a facilitated discussion with SilverKite® teaching artist Jill Meyers.


Theatre is My Therapy

by Véro Lecocq

While Shakespeare didn't write his works with drama therapy in mind, we can recognize very real experiences in our own lives when we engage with his works. Explore Shakespeare and the human condition through playfulness and imagination with SilverKite® teaching artist Véro Lecocq.


Get out of Your Lane: Activating the Inner You

by Merri Ann Osborne

Lanes keep us safe but sometimes venturing outside of our lanes brings unexpected joyful experiences. In this presentation SilverKite® Merri Ann shares what she has learned about pushing past inner limits and exploring the world.


Soundtrack for Your Life

by Merri Ann Osborne

In this presentation, SilverKite® teaching artist Merri Ann will share the songs and musical styles that have shaped her life and provided joy, bittersweet memories, and encouragement. Music truly feeds our soul. What is the soundtrack of your life?


Peace Art

by Dez'Mon Omega Fair

Peace Art is a traveling studio session with interdisciplinary artist and SilverKite® teaching artist Dez'Mon Omega Fair. Listen to poetry and music, experience pieces of the artist's work, and if you choose, write, draw, dance.


Jenobley the Whale

by AshaAung Helmstetter

Jenobley the Whale is a story of a young orca whale who loses his home and finds who he is. In this adventurous tale there is magic, twists, excitement, and healing. Some moments are chilling, and some moments are kind. This storytelling experience and facilitated discussion is written and presented by SilverKite® teaching artist AshaAung Helmstetter.

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