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Art Activity Toolkits

What is a SPARK Box™?


​SPARK Boxes contain arts supplies and an instruction booklet specifically designed to help build intergenerational relationships by SPARKing conversation, connection, and fun!

Unlike other arts toolboxes, Silver Kite's SPARK Box contains high quality non-toxic washable arts supplies which can be used by people of all ages. 


The 16 page instruction booklet is printed in a large font and provides step-by-stop instructions for over 14 different evidence-based arts activities in a variety of art forms (music, movement, poetry, painting), providing opportunities for users to challenge, engage, and express themselves in new and exciting ways. 


The outside of our SPARK Box can be colored by the markers inside, providing another arts engagement opportunity.

The activities in the box can be done in partnership with a caregiver, family member, or friend or they can be done individually. ​

Who's the SPARK Box™ for?

Silver Kite's intergenerational arts experts have created and tested all of the activities included in the SPARK Box Instruction Booklet.  The activities have been successful in the following contexts:


  • Older adults who are home-bound, in skilled nursing or memory care. 

  • Anyone recovering from illnesses / in the hospital

  • Family gatherings

  • Grandparents / grandchildren

  • Intergenerational school programs

  • Schools​

What's inside?

Each SPARK Box includes these arts supplies:

  • Washable Watercolor Set + brush

  • 5 Washable Markers

  • Mechanical Pencil

  • Egg Shaker Musical Instrument

  • Leaf Stencil

  • Mixed Media Journal

  • 16 page Activity and Conversation SPARK Instruction Booklet

  • Colorable box

What people are saying:


"I highly recommend SilverKite's wonderful SPARK Boxes. I have seen firsthand the excitement they generate. Eyes light up, big smiles emerge with an eagerness to play and create. Families, especially children, join in and voila! The imagination soars!"

Marilyn Raichle, Maude's Awards

"These boxes offer respectful, authentic, creative activities for seniors and those who love them. They are attractive, cleverly designed, and nicely packaged."

Nellie B

"SPARK Boxes? For electricity, like a spark plug? For fire, like a match? Nope, much better. These are 5-star sparks for igniting a mind or a group of minds. The power-packed contents offer deceptively simple, ready-to-use cognitive tools for families as well as professionals."

Roger Anunsen, Mind Ramp Consulting

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