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SPARK your creativity with a Silver Kite SPARK Box!


SPARK Boxes contain arts supplies, instructions, and ideas to SPARK conversation, connection, and fun! Each box is designed around a theme and includes everything you need to complete 14+ simple art projects in a variety of art forms.


SPARK Art Activity Box

  • Our Nature SPARK Box contains:

    1. Set of washable watercolor paints + brush

    2. Set of 5 washable colored markers

    3. Leaf stencils

    4. 40 page miixed-media journal

    5. Mechanical pencil

    6. Egg shaker musical instrument

    7. 16 page instruction booklet


    Why SPARK? Studies have shown that engagement in the arts - at any age - can help relieve stress, strengthen communication skills and boost self-esteem. SPARK boxes are self-contained arts experiences, creating opportunities for more people to engage in the arts.

    Who should SPARK? Our SPARK Boxes are designed to be used in a variety of settings.

    Here are some ways to use a SPARK Box:

    1. Older adults and their care partners: new ways to engage in caregiving

    2. Intergenerational programs and family gatherings: Activity ideas for intergenerational groups and families to connect and have fun together 3. Rehab gifts: For people of all ages recovering from an illness, in the hospital, or are homebound.

  • SilverKite will ship your SPARK Box to you for a shipping cost of $5 (US) via the US Postal Service.

    We ship within 2 - 3 business days of your order.

    Please contact us for bulk orders.

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