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SilverKite helps strengthen communities by connecting people of all generations through our innovative arts-based programs and services.  Through our work, SilverKite strives to make the world more joyful and less lonely, one connection at a time. 

SilverKite received the Intergenerational Innovation Award from Generations United at its biennial global conference (2019).

Programs & Services

  • Intergenerational Programs

  • Arts for Older Adults

  • Arts in Healthcare

  • Arts for Respite

  • Arts and Caregiving

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Senior Living Communities

  • Community organizations

  • Caregivers


“This project has allowed me to understand how important the stories of the older generations are...and it has showed me how two people can be total strangers and just moments later can have a deep, long, meaningful conversation about each other's fascinating lives. ”

— Caroline, 

9th grade SilverKite Intergenerational program participant

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