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Creative Community Kits

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We LOVE SilverKite. It is a HUGE relief for staff to not have to choose an art project and purchase the supplies. We love how amazing art projects are delivered straight to our door! I don't know who loves SilverKite more: the residents or the staff. Keep them coming, please!!

About Creative Community Kits


SilverKite's Creative Community kits are fully prepped art activity boxes geared towards older adults. Choose between 4-8 activities, and the kits are shipped to you with all supplies included, instructions on how to facilitate the activity, and a link to an accompanying playlist.​

Who are Creative Community Kits for?

Creative Community kits are designed for older adults in skilled nursing, memory care, or other assisted living facilities.


We know that planning programming, gathering supplies, and then facilitating an activity can be difficult when you already have a busy schedule. Save time and stress by allowing SilverKite to do the work for you! Every quarter, we create a series of seasonal Creative Community kits that will facilitate creativity, connection, and fun for your residents. 


What's inside?

When you purchase a Creative Community Kit, you are able to choose between 4-8 activities. Scroll to see this quarter's offerings!

All Creative Community Kits come with:

  • Instruction Booklet (paper copy & digital PDF)

  • All art supplies required to complete the activity

  • A link to a playlist to accompany the activity

  • Some kits may have additional slideshows or video instructions

Available Kits


Available through Sept 31, 2023

Choose 4-8 of the following:
Marbled Sun Mosaic
In this workshop, participants will use a simple technique to create funky marbled “prints” using shaving cream, food coloring, and index cards. The prints can then be used to create a mosaic-style sun. Participants will play with color, movement and collage. This workshop is all about having some good ole’ messy summer fun with process art!
Woven Wall Hanging
In this workshop, participants will learn to construct a simple cardboard loom and weave a fiber art piece using yarn, ribbon, wool, and other fabrics. Participants are highly encouraged to bring fabric they’d like to incorporate into their weaving; for instance, an old garment or towel or scrap fabric. These weaving materials can be used to spark storytelling and conversation. This workshop is all about pattern, texture, the act of creating using one’s sense of touch, and the sharing of memories generated by engaging with that sense of touch.
Roll the Dice
Participants will discuss favorite games, learn a simple game using the provided dice, teach each other dice games and/or make up their own simple games using dice.
Story Cards
Participants will create a set of cards to use as starting points for a group storytelling session.
Sun Prints
Create a simple, yet distinctive sun print using solar power! This workshop is inspired by cyanotype photograms, a printmaking process where plant material and other found objects are placed onto a light-sensitive surface to create unique monoprints after hours of sun exposure. Ideal for warm, summer days where sunlight shines brightly through window panes. After 3-6 hours of sun exposure, each sheet of construction paper will be left with a shadow or blueprint composed of all objects placed.
Puzzle Swap
This workshop brings art and community together through a puzzle exchange! All participants will design a summer-themed puzzle for staff and facilitators to exchange and complete among participants.
Storytelling through Hula
Stories can be shared using cultural dances instead of words. Hula is one dance form of storytelling from Hawai’i that uses the body to create a beautiful language that can convey concepts and actions. Together, participants will hold a celebration where they will perform a short dance to a song chosen by the activity director, using specific hand movements developed during the activity.
At the Hop
Let’s go to the Hop! Have you ever been to a Sock Hop? Do you have fond memories of dancing to music of the ‘50s and ‘60s? It’s time to bring that music back and reminisce about a time when fashion was big and colorful and dance was a way to get out of the house and express yourself. Grab a scarf, and let’s dance!
You Are My Sunshine
In this workshop, the participants will focus on the form and shape of what Sunshine in their life looks like.
Popsicle Stick Tapestry
In this project, the participants will let their imaginations soar with color, design, and happy thoughts/memories while designing their very own popsicle stick tapestry.

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