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Creative Community Kits

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Photos from previous Creative Community Kit activities.

We LOVE SilverKite. It is a HUGE relief for staff to not have to choose an art project and purchase the supplies. We love how amazing art projects are delivered straight to our door! I don't know who loves SilverKite more: the residents or the staff. Keep them coming, please!!

Deadline to Order: April 30, 2024

Will be shipped: Mid-May

About Creative Community Kits


SilverKite's Creative Community kits are fully prepped art activity boxes geared towards older adults. The kits include eight workshops & are shipped to you with all supplies included, instructions on how to facilitate the activity, and a link to an accompanying playlist.

Creative Community Kits cost $400.00 USD + sales tax.

Who are Creative Community Kits for?

Creative Community kits are designed for older adults in skilled nursing, memory care, or other assisted living facilities.


We know that planning programming, gathering supplies, and then facilitating an activity can be difficult when you already have a busy schedule. Save time and stress by allowing SilverKite to do the work for you! Every quarter, we create a series of seasonal Creative Community Kits that will facilitate creativity, connection, and fun for your residents. 

What's inside?

All Creative Community Kits include instructions for 8 workshops & all arts supplies needed for 15 residents to participate in each one:

  • Instruction Booklet (paper copy & digital PDF)

  • All art supplies required to complete the activity

  • A link to a playlist to accompany the activity

  • Some kits may have additional slideshows or video instructions

Scroll to see this quarter's offerings!

Included Workshops


Deadline to Order: April 30, 2024

Will be shipped: Mid-May

A Spring Trip to France
Participants will experience a virtual travel experience to France exploring food, music, and historical sights.
Build Your Own Board Game
Participants will work with others to create and play their own board game.
Share Your Stories
In this storytelling activity participants will explore narrative archetypes and use them to develop and tell their own stories.
Blossoming Heart Mandalas
 Participants will create their own personal mandala inspired by spring.
Meditative Pathways in Spring
Using techniques of guided meditation and mindfulness practice, participants will learn ways to calm and refocus the mind.
A Fresh Start Collage
 Reflecting on the colors, shapes, and feeling of spring, participants will learn about mood boards and create one inspired by the season.
Vases for Spring Bouquets
Participants will create colorful flower vases inspired by the spring.
Spring Florals in 3D
In this workshop, participants will create a 3d work of art to celebrate spring.

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