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SilverKite Community Arts, LLC
& Northwest Parkinson's Foundation


Collaging Stories of Love, Hope and Community

Anyone who has been impacted by Parkinson's is welcome.

Join us for a 6 week series exploring the art of collage.

Register for as many as you like!


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Workshop Offerings

Stories of Belonging

January 24th, 1-2pm


Bring forth images that tell a story clearly through collage. Beginning our series with the theme of belonging brings the dynamic processes of self-identification and engagement in relationships and community building that inform much of our lives. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Bobbi Kidder. Supplies: Scissors Glue stick or any kind of glue Pieces of poetry or favorite quotes Magazines, photographs Optional wrapping paper, ruled cutting board, tweezers

Stories of Togetherness

January 31st, 1-2pm


In response to a series of simple prompts, participants will gather colors, images, or words that represent times of togetherness in their own lives, gradually assembling a “collage” of memories and stories. Participants will have an opportunity to exchange these stories with other participants or with other people in their lives. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Véro Lecocq. Supplies: Envelopes (standard size envelopes or medium-to-large manila envelopes) Scraps of colorful paper (e.g., strips of construction paper, paint chips, etc.) Pens, pencils, or markers Optional: Collage images (cut from magazines or printed out) Misc. small “treasure” items (buttons, beads, stickers, etc.)

Stories of Healing

February 7th, 1-2pm


This workshop centers building our stories through guided intention and intuitive collaging. We’ll focus on questions such as, how can our vulnerability be beautiful? How can we use art to move through our most difficult emotions? This project combines intention setting, mindfulness, and collage. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Asha Aung. Supplies: Glue-stick or any non-toxic glue Any thick piece of paper Colored paper/crepe paper and scrap paper (pieces that can be ripped into smaller pieces for this project), and any other paper of choice for ripping

Stories of Love

February 14, 1-2pm


Join us on a journey through stories of love. We will explore mixed media while indulging in collaging our emotions. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Tammy Leaver. Supplies: Mixed media paper, or any paper Black sharpies (fine and/or ultra fine) Various background paper (music sheets, old story book) Colored paper (any color but red recommended) Playing cards (hearts suits) Scissors Glue stick Optional watercolor set, water/water container, colorful markers

Stories of Change

February 21st, 1-2pm


In this workshop we will create a collage of how we would build a global community by “planting seeds of change” using pictures, favorite quotes, words, poems and/or sayings to convey our art-filled message. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Bertha Marselis. Supplies: -Black sharpies -Pencils -Scissors -Glue sticks -Paper, cardboard or poster board to collage on -Magazines, old greeting cards, pictures, copies of favorite photos, torn paper to use in the collage -Favorite, poems, quotes, sayings or words of wisdom -Anything you would like to bring to use in your art work like stickers, gems, or ephemera Optional: -Colored pencils -Watercolor sets & water -Markers -Crayons -Scissors -Ruler

Stories of Release

February 28th, 1-2pm


We’ll make space for stories of letting go and finding peace. While meditating on release, we’ll bring personal images together with books, newspaper, magazines, menus, stickers, pamphlets, leaves, and other organic material and found objects. Facilitated by SilverKite teaching artist Dez’Mon Omega Fair. Supplies: Tape Glue Stick Strong paper Pens Pencil Markers Miscellaneous collageable material of your choosing. Optional: Paints of any kinds



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NWPF Collage and Stories of Love (Feb 14)
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NWPF Collage and Stories of Love (Feb 14)

NWPF Collage and Stories of Healing (Feb 7)
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NWPF Collage and Stories of Healing (Feb 7)

NWPF Collage and Stories of Togetherness (Jan 31)
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NWPF Collage and Stories of Togetherness (Jan 31)

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