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SilverKite Community Arts, LLC
& Northwest Parkinson's Foundation


Watercolor and Songs of Summer Series

Anyone who has been impacted by Parkinson's is welcome.

Join us for a 6 week series exploring the art of pastels.

Register for as many as you like!


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Need assistance registering?
Contact Kristine Pedigo, NWPF Director of Programs

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Workshop Offerings

NEW: Register for any & all workshops through one link by clicking HERE.

Once you have registered through this link, you are able to join us for any workshop(s) you would like in this series!

Sounds of Summer
1-2pm, July 24th

Facilitated by Arika Gloud.

It's summertime! Let's open our windows and listen to the sounds of Summer. Whether it's the sound of nature or your favorite music, let's get out our watercolors and paint the "Sounds of Summer"!

Watercolor paints
Thin brush
Flat brush (basic thin is fine if flat is unavailable)
Cup for water
Tissue paper
Watercolor or multimedia paper

1-2pm, August 14th

Facilitated by AshaAung Helmstetter.

This art project is inspired by the song Tomorrow, from the musical Annie. We will use watercolors to make sunny, abstract paintings to tell stories of summertime and hope.

Watercolor set
Paint brush
Paint water cup
Napkin or paper towel
Watercolor paper

Frog in the Flowers
1-2pm, July 31st

Facilitated by Tammy Leaver.

Listen to songs of summer with us, while we watercolor a frog amongst a garden of flowers.

Watercolor paper
Round and flat brush
Water and water container
Paper towels
Masking tape
Ultra fine black sharpie
Hair dryer(optional)
Palette (plastic lids can work)

That Summer Feeling
1-2pm, August 21st

Facilitated by Gloria Garcia.

Illustrate a song about Summer drawing inspiration and images to create a watercolor painting.
Write down the lyrics or bring a copy of your favorite song about Summer with a highlighter—selecting three nouns and/or adjectives.


Song lyrics
Prang semi-moist watercolors (Crayola is okay too)
Watercolor paper
HB graphite pencil (No 2)
Watercolor brush or brushes
Water container
Paper towel

Summer Breeze & Gentle Summer Memories
1-2pm, August 7

Facilitated by Bertha Marselis.

In this workshop we will create a watercolor inspired piece of art. We will play with the watercolors, then use a black sharpie to do some line drawing to tell of a special summer we remember. In the background we can have our favorite summer song guiding us along on the experience.


Water color sets with brush
Black sharpies
#2 lead pencils
Extra paint brushes, a flat bush #8 and a round pointed 6 or 7*
Baby wipes and/or paper towels

9x12 watercolor paper
Small cup for water and some water
Glue stick
Favorite summer song or music to have playing while creating

Tranquil Music and the Paintings of William Turner
1-2pm, August 28th

Facilitated by Valencia Carroll.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of watercolors as you learn the art of blending and creating stunning, ethereal effects using wet-on-wet watercolor in a relaxing and creative environment.

Watercolor Paints/Palette
Watercolor Paper
Drawing Board/Table or other flat surface
Watercolor Brushes
Water Containers for Rinsing Brushes/Adding Clean Water
Paper Towels
Blue Artist Tape
Spray Bottle (optional)



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Colorful Abstract Flowers (May 29)
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Colorful Abstract Flowers (May 29)

The Past in Pastels (May 22)
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The Past in Pastels (May 22)

Illustrate a Haiku (May 15)
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Illustrate a Haiku (May 15)

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